No Bird Am I To Sing In June

For all of my proclaimed love of summer, I find myself melting under this sweltering heat. Even in the early morning the air feels as heavy as a blanket against your skin. Humidity hangs around our house like a seasonal garland we cannot remove and store in the attic. Why was the fall and winter so windy here on the shore when now everything has gone flat and still? I have taken to hiding away indoors, peering at the world through a window until the sun has dipped below the horizon. Only then does the outdoors seem hospitable again and cautiously I will venture out to wander along the beach or sit on swing sets.

P.S. The lovely people at Mark sent me a couple of classic summer staples. I love these espadrilles with the little black strip in the heel and the fedora is the perfect fit for me.

Outfit details:
Illamasqua nail varnish in Gamma


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