A Realist Becomes A Romantic In Venice

It would be lovely to pass many more days away in Venice; sitting in an expensive cafe in Saint Mark's Square, listening to Vivaldi and watching the tourist flood by in a stream of busy color and excitement. Or stealing into the lofty chambers of an ancient church, staring at a masterpiece by Tintoretto, and watching faithful parisheners light candles for loved ones. Finding a secluded bench near a small canal, to eat gelato in the shade, and watching how the sun arching through the sky shifts the water's colors and patterns. There are so many lovely little experiences to be had in Venice and as always, the time there was too brief and fleeting. I spent far more time enjoying those sights as I tripped past them on my way to yet another dot on the map than leisurely enjoying this fair city; such is the lot of a tourist with limited time and lofty goals. And yet, I still have yet to ride in a gondola, or parade down the streets in a mask...experiences I like to think of as "reserved" for my next visit.

Outfit details:
ASOS sunglasses
H&M dress
Marais USA flats



  1. Oh lovely briges. Venice took my heart.

  2. What fun! And seriously, what a pretty outfit to go walking around Venice in <3


  3. I've never been to Venice, I would like to go so much! You've made a big trip °3°
    Kisses from Paris

  4. Oh, Venice is beautiful. I live near the city (if I want I can be there in approx 2 hours by train) and I went there just two times, it's a shame.You look wonderful by the way ;)


  5. aw man, I just got back from Europe and seeing these photos makes me want to jump on the next plane right over! We only made it to Rome and Sardinia but I would love to head over to Venice one day :)

  6. Lovely pictures. I'd love to go to Venice.

  7. i love that last photo! venice is gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous pictures, I'm going to Venice in August and this made me even more excited! Looks so pretty!

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  9. Oh Rebecca! I have been truly enjoying your travel posts. I've been in France for eight months now, with little money or time to travel, and now I can't even if I could because of visa reasons, but it's been wonderful to live vicariously through these photos and little stories. I've always wanted to go to Italy. I've only spent a brief 18 hours in Florence that left me exhausted and heat-drained, but I imagine Venice must be really lovely. I always prefer wandering and just stopping wherever I feel like instead of having a clear itinerary of places to see and to check off. Not to mention, to be perfectly honest, everything seems to blend together and instead of marveling at beautiful things, I end up feeling like a total spoiled brat who actually has the gall to say she's sick of seeing beautiful things.

    xx Jenny

  10. what an incredible bunch of photos rebecca! i'm desperately yearning to see venice now... i know what you mean about being a tourist. there's always that desire to fit everything in because you'll regret it if you don't. i would totally recommend going back, even though it might seem redundant! it's amazing what you can see in a place the second time around.

  11. Oh I love Venice so much... I must've been there at least 3 times! During tourist times, my favourite places are on the surrounding little islands, especiall Torcello with its little old church. Oh and have you been to Burano? I think you would love the tiny brightly coloured little houses! =)

  12. Gorgeous photos. I want to go there so much!

  13. You take some of the best travel photos. I definitely want to visit Venice sometime soon :)

  14. Just BEAUTIFUL!!!
    I'd love to go to Venice :)
    With an Italian husband to be it is more than likely I will :)

  15. such beautiful photos. I love Venice, I wish I could live there forever :)

  16. everything in Venice is pure pleasure!
    I rode in a gondola when I was there, it's so worth it. I like to think about all the things people have dropped or knocked out their windows that are at the bottom of the canals, haha.

  17. i can hardly see the dress but i love it nonetheless

  18. Hi Rebecca!

    I've been following your blog for almost a year, and I just thought I'd finally leave a comment and let you know how much I love your posts! Your clever, playful use of color inspires my style choices, and your beautiful pictures are always a joy to look at. Thank you for your absolutely stellar blog!

    I'm finally starting a blog of my own - I'll keep looking to yours as an example of how to make it fabulous : )



  19. Venice is absolutely stunning and you take some beautiful photographs of it.

  20. Oh Venice! I love that city. It was my first destination during my interrail few years ago, and I'll always remember that feeling of freedom when i sat by the canals...


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