We Say We Love Flowers And Then We Pluck Them

The influence of my inspiration posts can very directly be witnessed in today's outfit. I just received this brass cross cuff from Black Oak Jewelry. Originally, I shared the cuff as a dream piece in a "pretty pairing" post with a pleated white dress, so with it in my possession I had to style it that way. I love the delicate, but sturdy construction of the cuff and you can bend it to fit your wrist perfectly. It's the sort of piece I could easily wear every day, especially since I am a fan of gold/brass jewelry (warmer toned jewelry warms up pale skin). And my flower crown post on Friday definitely reminded me that I needed to brush off my own flower crown and wear it out. I always love to wear flowers in my hair; it's a slight connection to the Pre-Raphaelite paintings and ideals I admire. All in all, this outfit is a good example of how I tend to wear rather basic clothes (white linen dress, nude heels, and denim jacket), but attempt to show my personality and interests through accessories.


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