Do Thy Diligence To Come Before Winter

These pictures were taken quite quickly because I was only just beginning when a military police officer stumbled across me. I had just finished snapping several photographs in a row and was behind my tripod inspecting the results to see how I could improve the shots when I heard, "excuse me, miss." He decided to do his due diligence and questioned me about my business, inspected my identification cards, and even "called me in." But eventually he was reassured that a girl stumbling around on empty train tracks in wedges near her home was not a security threat and left me alone. Needless to say, after that interrogation (in which I gave the wrong address as my home address because we move too much for me to remember numbers properly when rattled), I was finished with the entire ordeal and headed home. It was really more annoying than anything else because I frequently have similar interactions with police officers and I know certain areas on military bases are especially sensitive. Thankfully, I've never had my camera confiscated...

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