Long And Short Of It

Well, after much debate and years of letting my hair grow long, I have chopped it off. Very few reading this will remember back when my blog was young and I had a similar bob haircut and wore my glasses nearly every day. New haircuts are such strange things and I've been feeling very light-headed, but it is nice to have a change. I was also able to donate my hair, so that was a comforting thought as my hair stylist gleefully cut away. It was a funny moment; one of my goals in growing my hair out was to be able to wear it in braids and then there I sat having my braid cut off. Anyway, nothing too intelligible to say on the whole situation--I'm still processing. My mother took these pictures for me, a few quick "before snaps" on the street where I live (some joggers ran by and yelled "smile!" which is a huge pet peeve of mine) and then we snapped a few "after" pictures in the same spot when I got home.

Outfit details:


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