Wide Wandering For The Greediest Eye

I've only had this haircut for a day, but it's already making my outfits look so prim. Long, slightly wavy hair definitely adds a style of its own to every outfit and this cut makes everything feel even more polished than I intended. Oh well, I am adjusting! This outfit looks like something rather elegant for traveling--timely considering I am in the midst of traveling (I'm in NYC for fashion week right now & these pictures were snapped before I left). I built the look after my new bag; it's meant to be an overnight but it's perfect for the excursions I go on, fitting my tripod, a book, a pair of flats, and a few other essentials. I don't know how it will stand up to a serious amount of use, but I quite like the print which reminds me of the reindeer in the last Marc by Marc Jacobs collection.

Outfit details:
Cheap Monday sunglasses
vintage dress


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