Camping In The Tombs

I hopped down to Georgia the other day to visit my sister who lives in Atlanta. We then took a little trip down to Savannah where summer was still going strong and managed to meet up with a couple of my cousins; making it quite the family get-together since we're usually rather scattered and reunions are infrequent. One of my cousins suggested we visit the Bonaventure Cemetery and it was truly a lovely spot dripping with Spanish moss and filled with dappled sunlight.
I was in Georgia for several days, but these are really my only pictures from the trip because I got my cold there and lost focus in the confusion of being sick (and high on cough syrup). Illness aside, it was a good little trip and now I'm back in Virginia recovering, making collages, and contemplating a pixie cut. Fall makes me restless.

Outfit details:
vintage dress via Adelaide Homesewn
UO flats
*pictures of me by my sister


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