Memory Is The Diary We All Carry About

One of the benefits of being petite is occasionally fitting into clothes from sweatshirts your sister had when she was in elementary school. What can I say; it's a cool sweatshirt. I sadly, was never a girl scout, but I did live briefly in Nuremburg with my family (which is where my sister was a girl scout). Fall and winter always reminds me of Germany; I start craving all the amazing food and Christmas markets. I managed to visit Germany again during my study abroad in Greece a couple of years ago and the markets were as magical as I remembered experiencing as a child. I can't wait until we start filling our house (and my tummy) with lebkuchen and other seasonal treats.

Outfit details:
sweatshirt, my sister's from childhood
UO shorts



  1. Christmas in Germany, for me, is how Christmas should be. Every since we moved to the States, so many years ago, Christmas has always seemed lacking to me without the markets and the chilly air and the general feel of Christmas in Germany.

    I also love wearing clothes from my childhood, still. I have a floral dress that still fits perfectly well, it's just a bit short on me now. It's also fun to be small if there is something cute in the little girls clothing section. No one your age will be wearing the same thing! (although a 4 year old and I once showed up to a party wearing the same thing)

  2. I love that jumper. I'm not sure if it's just the way you work it, but it looks really stylish :)

  3. Cute sweater! It's so cool that you can still fit in clothes from your childhood!

    Ash :o)

  4. It's great that you managed to keep such old sweater!!
    My family was moving a lot, too, when I was a kid I never spent more than 2 or 3 years in the same town. But we were staying in France, at least.
    Every move was difficult for me, my mother was throwing lot of stuff to not carry too much boxes. So I don't have anything from my childhood, not any clothes, any toys... =(
    I see what you mean about Christmas in Germany, my family is from the East of France (Alsace) near the frontier and it's the same traditional Christmas Market, with Saint Nicholas the 6 of December ^^
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  5. Germany is a fantastic place, I am going again in December !

  6. I want your loafers!! Cute sweater too! I'm really tiny so I fit into lots of my childhood clothes as well, I tend to modify them a little so they don't look too 'kiddish'!

    x Aliya

  7. you look cute! I, too, can benefit from wearing my oldest clothes; however, people tend to think I'm much younger than I am because of that

  8. I love this because I still fit into a good number of items from when I was a child. Germany at Christmas or in the Autumn seems so magical, it reminds me of that story of the Snow Queen.

  9. that does seem like a great perk! I'm slender enough to fit into childhood clothes, but unfortunately I gumbied out in adolescence and am WAY too long and lanky for it to work out. the sleeves and bottom are always way too short. sad sad. such a cute sweater, lucky you!

  10. Love this look! It's so cozy yet still very adorable! I'm so happy for fall weather so I can wear cute sweatshirts and capes! (Your cape in your outfit post from the other day makes me swoon. :)


  11. Love it. So adorable and you managed to keep it in amazing condition! Xoxo

  12. Cute outfit I have something like it but I wear my tennies instead and a pair of ankle socks. These are the socks
    They are 80s I guess but that seems to be the style that some of the clothiers are following these days.
    Your heels make it look more sophisticated and I guess the socks I wear are somewhat juvenile. Wow you are one of the most well traveled people I ever blogged surfed Rebecca!! What would be your favorite place?

  13. Love how you pair loafers with a casual sweatshirt! Really makes it look so much more polished.

  14. @Anonymous, oh I guess this post does make it sound like I'm well-traveled; it's largely b/c of my father's job though--we moved a lot. I think my favorite place was Hawaii and it wasn't really the place or anything, but it's where I was very happy. So I'll always love it because I found some sanity there. :)

  15. I'm still crushing on those heels of yours. Super cute. Nice pictures! I also admire your bag it looks super roomy (since I carry around my whole room most of the time, that's good!)

  16. You're so lucky to be able to fit in your clothes (rather your sister's clothes) from elementary school. That just won't ever happen for me! heehe.. Oh well. I love the outfit you put together!

  17. These are just the most adorable photos love love love.

    Have a great day dear!


  18. Hi Rebecca!
    I found your blog about a week ago, and I am absolutely obsessed. Your outfits are always stunning, and there are always new ones. I love how often you update, and I just gotta say, do you look fabulous everyday?? ;)
    Cute as ever, this outfit. Also, I am in love with your new hair cut, and I really want to do something similar. However, I have curly hair, so it would probably not work out too well... at least in comparison to what I want to happen (your adorable hair.).


    PS: How old are you? I would assume in your twenties, but I am just wondering.

  19. @Bryanna, thank you! I don't post outfits on weekends, so that gives me 2 off a days a week if I feel like it, but even a casual day for me is a dress. I'm 24.

  20. You studied abroad in Greece?? So did I! I loved it so much and I seriously wish, sometimes, that I was back in Europe. I miss it a lot.

    ps Cute outfit. :)

  21. This little outfit is so cute on you doll, I remember Germany as a kid too, but in the 80s, my father was posted there, all I remember is that there was not as much snow as here in Montreal. I can't wait to go back to Europe too! Maybe next year who knows ?

  22. Very cute, I really like the shoes

  23. Waow Pretty Dressing it would help me for choosing a dress for my wife at this christmas... now i am going to buy Christmas Gifts


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