Never Let Me Go

As this outfit came together I was thinking of the film Never Let Me Go, or rather the film through the eyes of Kater of All This Happiness. Basically, this is my "sad clone in sweater" outfit (which will make sense if you've seen the film). There's just something about the obnoxiously oversized fit of this sweater that seemed like what you would wear when you're really feeling down; a kind of security blanket to wear out of the house (or inside the house when you're too sad to cross the threshold of your bedroom door). However, I wore this down to the beach and between the sunshine and how deserted the shore was, my mood was considerably far from sad. I'm happiest when I have the beach to myself, or some friend I have brought with me; claiming ownership of a small stretch of sand and rocks I really have no right to call my own.

Outfit details:
vintage shoes


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