Traveling Down The Tracks

The shirt and pants felt very Funny Face to me (in the beginning before Audrey is transformed from beatnik to model), but that whole silhouette and feel ended up getting drowned in knits--which isn't a bad way to go, if you think about it. I've really been forcing myself to wear more pants this fall. It's funny how quietly restricting dresses and skirts can be and I never notice until I put on pants or shorts again. I have a friend who claims she can't wear dresses because her body is almost constantly in a comfortable sprawl that would be rather exposing if she was wearing dresses. I don't even notice the way I cross my legs when sitting, or how I'll casually brush my hand against my skirt while walking to make certain it isn't riding up--it all comes naturally at this point. Then I put on a pair of pants and suddenly I feel like I should be climbing over fences (although climbing a fence is how I ripped my favorite pair of jeans--be wary of stray wires with pointy ends)...

Outfit details:
UO shirt
By Paige horse loafers
Rebecca Minkoff backpack


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