A Bird In The Bush

Our home is apparently a popular stop for birds migrating south this winter. I keep seeing hordes of them down by the water and as I was taking these pictures flocks and flocks of starlings kept soaring through the air (on the other side of my tripod, so unfortunately none ended up in my pictures!). Their wings were so loud it sometimes sounded like a train was coming down the track towards me, which was a bit unsettling.

Outfit details:
H&M cardigan
vintage dress
ASOS tights


ftashion said...

Your scarf and bag are such pretty colour pops against your outfit! Love it!

Ash :o)

anahita said...

loooove the colours of this outfit! x

Tumbleweed said...

Thank you :D I have a white dress which I really wanted to wear this winter, but I wasn't sure how - now I know! Ta (: ♥

Saraah ^.^

Nahar & Nazia said...

so beautiful! love the red and green; it's subtly christmasy 8D

julie dee said...

The scarf and purse works so well together! Getting me excited for Christmas! ^-^


Rebecca Jane said...

The colour of that scarf looks beautiful with your complextion and hair - so pretty!

I also have to say that the more I see your haircut the more adorable I think it looks. I'm not brave enough to go that short but your cut makes me wish I was!

The Jones said...

Love the green and red together...really standout colours and such a cheerful outfit!

<3 Cambria

Agnes Deer said...

Love your outfit but gosh, I could never step in train tracks, I'm so afraid of them! :P


amanda said...

looooove the colours here. and your short do is adorbs :)

fshnonmymind said...

I love how you winterized your dress and that purse is adorable!

JuliaJuliaJulia said...

Ah! You look so warm and fall-esque.
I am in love with your shoes (most cliche thing a girl can say!) but wouldn't they get clompy on train tracks? Heh.


Kristen Lynn said...

I love this outfit! so adorable

xo kristen

Larissa said...

such a sweet outfit, Rebecca!! The color of your scarf reminds me of the holidays :) I also love your hair! I know you've had it short for a while, but I'd thought I'd tell you it looks fabulous still!!!! <3

if you have time, check out my brand new fashion blog :)



Night at Vogue said...

So cute outfit!