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It's hard to believe 2012 is nearly here, especially with the mild weather. I had a marvelous Christmas although only a few days later I'm able to wear a trench coat and last year I was wading through piles of snow higher than my waist. It's funny what changes and what remains the same; I'm still in Virginia this year (as opposed to two Decembers ago when I was in Washington, or the year before that in Pennsylvania), but the scenery's quite different. Anyway now there's New Years to think about...

Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat
H&M cardigan
Juicy Couture purse



  1. You have such a cute sense of style, I absolutely love it!
    Also, I know how you feel, sort of. Despite living in Florida, it's always been at least 40-60 degrees here during the Winter, but this year it's been so hot, everyone has been stuck wearing t-shirts and shorts! ):

  2. Lovely outfit! I adore your dress, tights and shoes!

    Ash :o)

  3. I love your tights! Super cute! I cannot believe this year has passed us by already!

  4. You look lovely. Those shoes are precious.

  5. now the decemberists will be stuck in my head all day. not that i mind of course! xo

  6. Your haircut is just adorable! I love it! xo, rv

  7. Polka dots still creep me out. But I do like those tights/knee socks. The diamond pattern on them is pretty cool. Great pictures and a nice post!

  8. Ohh, what a beautiful location! <3 I love your shoes too! (I always find the best way to test out shoes is for a spot of balancing on logs - you've got the right idea!)

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  9. I adore your tights and shoes! Your photos are always just so wonderful :)

  10. you look very cute...especially love the shoes!

  11. The hosiery is my absolute favorite thing about this outfit. It looks so much like those old stockings women wore in the 40's

  12. I'm in love with your style, everything you wear is so REBECA!!! :)!, i love your tights and the accessories that u normally use n.n


  13. May steal your tights? So lovely!

    xoxo Kathrin

  14. I'm pretty much in love with your sparkly shoes. They look perfect with those adorably patterned tights.

  15. It's much warmer here in PA as well than it was last year! I love your trench, and those shoes. Ah! I WANT!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  16. Girl, I love your blog!
    It flys me into the sweetest dreams and fairytales = )
    (Please eat more, you are getting smaller and smaller..)

    Happy New Year!

  17. @Anonymous, Ha, I don't know what the first half means and yes, I'm trying. I've actually had the flu 3 times this winter and it's been pretty rough on my body. I'm hoping I'll stop getting sick and start getting to eat normal again soon. :/


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