Thistle And Weeds

It's been too long since I've worn a floral headband or wreath. They're definitely one of my favorite accessories but they do tip a simply sweet outfit into something else, although I'm pleasantly surprised with how nice they look with the pixie cut. I down-played the romanticism this one with simple fall layers in some of my favorite colors (berry, navy, and dark green). I didn't photograph the dress well since it is rather chilly to be wearing just short sleeves outside, but I absolutely love the structure of it; a really wonderful little dress and in the oh-so-versatile navy shade I quite adore. So yes, one of my favorite outfits in quite awhile; I could wear this for days if that was socially acceptable.

Outfit details:
Gardens of Whimsy headband
scarf, gift from my father
Tabio tights


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