Style Resolutions

A little while ago Modcloth asked me what one of my "New Years Style Resolutions" are. As I've stated before, I'm not a huge one for new year resolutions, but when the question was posed directly to me I did have an answer--experimentation. I try to vary my style from time to time, but I still tend to gravitate to a specific silhouette: fitted on top with a full skirt, very 50s inspired. So, the number one thing I wanted to try was a new silhouette--this dress with the drapey skirt and one shoulder top definitely fit the bill. I threw it on straight out of the box so it's terribly wrinkly, but ironing more wasn't on my list of resolutions...Anyway, the draping reminded me of Grecian draping which I love so much and led to me pulling out this rather statement necklace which I bought when I studied abroad in Greece. I thought it was so lovely and interesting, but naturally it was a bit "too much" for everyday wear and I can count the number of times I've actually used it on one hand. Still, some pieces I keep for memory's sake alone; I'm much more fond of buying jewelry (even if I don't wear it much) when I'm abroad than other more traditional souvenirs.

Outfit details:
UO bomber
necklace from a shop in Greece


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