To The Solemn Graves

Recently, I visited the Arlington National Cemetery with a couple of friends. We largely wanted to see the Arlington House since it is rumored to be haunted, but we were there on a clear, bright day and there were no ghostly encounters. Still, I find cemeteries a lovely place to visit; I'm intrigued by all the different gravestone designs and I enjoy reading the various inscriptions carved on them. Many cemeteries built in the mid nineteenth century in the United States were like parks; they showed an appreciation for nature and were a quiet space to escape from the sprawling city. “Cemeteries here are all the rage. People lounge in them and use them for walking, making love, weeping, sentimentalizing, and every thing in short,” David Charles Sloane wrote in his book The Last Great Necessity, 1859. So, it's a rather modern view that holds cemeteries as places to be avoided or only visited by hipsters and goths...Anyway, these photographs were taken in the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, which is simply stunning.

Outfit details:
Wren dress
Tabio tights
secondhand shoes
*pictures by Jon


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