To The Solemn Graves

Recently, I visited the Arlington National Cemetery with a couple of friends. We largely wanted to see the Arlington House since it is rumored to be haunted, but we were there on a clear, bright day and there were no ghostly encounters. Still, I find cemeteries a lovely place to visit; I'm intrigued by all the different gravestone designs and I enjoy reading the various inscriptions carved on them. Many cemeteries built in the mid nineteenth century in the United States were like parks; they showed an appreciation for nature and were a quiet space to escape from the sprawling city. “Cemeteries here are all the rage. People lounge in them and use them for walking, making love, weeping, sentimentalizing, and every thing in short,” David Charles Sloane wrote in his book The Last Great Necessity, 1859. So, it's a rather modern view that holds cemeteries as places to be avoided or only visited by hipsters and goths...Anyway, these photographs were taken in the Arlington Memorial Amphitheater, which is simply stunning.

Outfit details:
Wren dress
Tabio tights
secondhand shoes
*pictures by Jon



  1. I love the first picture and that scarf! And that's still possibly my favorite dress of yours. :)

  2. such gorgeous light! love your coat, it's a really cute shape:)

  3. beautiful. I feel the same way about cemeteries. I think they are serene and relaxing. Maybe they're not quite as hospitable during the night time, but during the day they seem so peaceful. I really love this old black and white book I found at Goodwill from the 1970's called, "Here Lies America." It has famous poets, actors, inventors, etc and their story next to a photo of their grave. It is one of my favorite books to this day that I only let people borrow for two days at a time.

  4. I've never thought of cemeteries that way before..interesting :) here in the philippines though, not all cemeteries are as stunning as that or as conducive to strolls and an afternoon of reflection...

  5. that dress is one of my favorite things you own :) SO PRETTY! <3

  6. beautiful dress and scarf! Arlington is a very beautiful spot.

  7. The dress is amazing! Such a lovely colors <3

  8. I want to see more of that dress! The colors looks so amazing.

  9. Arlington Cemetery used to be one of my favorite places to visit as a child when I lived there. I'd help place flags near the grave stones and do rubbings on the epitaphs. I don't think they allow that anymore though :(

    Anyways, this brought back some nice memories (is that weird, I mean it's a cemetery).

    The lighting in the photos is very beautiful. It's perfect with your dress!

  10. The second shot of you sitting is beautiful! It also looks so cold where u went, with the stone and all :)

  11. Lovely photos! Love how your dress is like a burst of colours against your dark coat!

    Ash :o)

  12. Although it sounds weird at first, I like to visit graveyards every now and then too. I really love all these photos of you and that scarf looks like it's keeping you warm! :)

  13. I find it interesting how different semetaries look in different countries! In Estonia they look really much like parks or almost like forests and in Finland we have quite minimalistic and small semetaries with few trees there and there and no buildings. What I've seen from movies etc. in America semetaries are much more grand on larger. with statues instead of stones. Or you know the last one better I think :). Have you noticed this on your travels?

  14. @Night at Vogue, oh definitely but you'd find in the US it varies by region and the historic age of a cemetery or the general wealth of a region. There's actually many very simple, small cemeteries here with just small headstones & nothing grandiose. The historic ones usually have statues and things, but this also reflects the wealth of the person buried--poorer people would be buried in less notable graves and even less notable cemeteries. Arlington has a mix; there's actually a large number of simple white crosses there all in a row--perfect symmetry and copies of each other...

  15. Cemeteries are fascinating places. I think ones that are beautiful and peaceful are lovely. Why be scared of a place that is really about remembering?

    You look cozy and wonderful!

  16. I am in love with your dress. It makes me want to paint crazily on a canvas! >.< your style is always stunning.

    xoxo, Jjanga!


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