Far Into The Distance

I've never encountered a train on these tracks, but I still haven't quite shaken my fear of them. There are several tracks in this area all rather close to each other and all in (infrequent) use, so sometimes while taking a few pictures along these I will hear a train and freeze. That moment is quickly followed by scrambling to collect my things and move to the side, only to realize the train isn't anywhere near these tracks. Still, better safe than sorry. I do always pick a spot where I can see quite far off in either direction, so if one does approach there will be plenty of time to remove myself and my tripod from the scene.

Outfit details:
PJ by Peter Jensen sweater
vintage dress
Wolford tights
Wanted shoes
Juicy Couture purse
Chanel lipstick


Rebecca said...

Risky business! Although it is a beautiful location, so I can understand why you've chosen it xx

Shannon said...

I love the train track pictures. You look very pretty.

Snakeskin Jacket said...

Love your hair! Not a lot of girls can pull that of and still look so famine and powerfull!

xx from London



B.Weber said...

This sweater brings back memories of elementary school, I had one almost identical.


WearAbouts said...

those glitter flats are gorgeous !! love the red sweater <3


MarieBayArea said...

your glittery oxford shoes are darling on you and so is that horse sweater. you are just adorable.

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I take photos at the railroad tracks as well, and I think I've only ever seen a train on them... once? Whenever I hear anything that sounds even remotely like a train, engine, anything, I scramble to the side. Fun, isn't it?

You look gorgeous as always--- I'm still such a fan of your short hair.

Emmy said...

This outfit is pretty much perfect! I love the casual yet dressy look! That sweater is flat out amazing and so unique! I am in love with your sparkly shoes, they look like they would go with just about anything! And that bag looks like a perfect carry all! Love it all!

xoxo Emmy

Mrs. D said...

I absolutely love today's outfit.

Two Happy Hearts said...

so lovely! you look perfect in red.
and those glitter oxfords are adorable!
and yes - better safe than sorry while doing self portraits on train tracks ;) but you sound like a PRO by now!

Lux said...

The shoes!!! Oh man, I need those in my life.

Jenni said...

What adorable shoes!

Winnie said...

That sweater is just the sweetest thing ever. I wish I had bought it when I spotted it on ASOS a while back! I love the anecdotes about your outfit shots from fear of getting wet when you're near the lack to these train tracks!

Helen said...

Oh that sweater is amazing, I have a thing for animal sweaters.

Jacqueline, melon-heart said...

The visible skirt portion of this dress is so light and airy. Absolute loveliness!

Amy said...

I love the flats... those metals bits (I'm hazarding a guess that they are!) are soo subtle yet look awesome.. I wouldn't of noticed them if I hadn't looked a few times!


ftashion said...

Love your new blog banner! That's such a beautiful photo. I just can't get enough of this red horse print sweater! It's just too cute!

Fang Ting

I wrote this all by myself. said...

This jumper is gorgeous! And I love your sparkly shoes :)

Chloe Jacqueline said...

What a perfect sweater!

Ines said...

I'm in love with your outfit!