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For as many photographs as I capture in nature, I'm not much of an outdoors person (as my wardrobe should attest). I do enjoy being outside, but I get annoyed with bug bites, sunburns, and lack the motivation for most hikes. Still, it's hard to imagine living so far away from a patch of wilderness to not be able to immerse myself in. It's even a common theme in my favorite poems, novels, and movies: the peace and solace a quiet meadow walk might offer. Perhaps I too find my "wasted spirits renewed" after a short time outside in the evening, as Wordsworth said. I might be moving to a city this spring and it makes my solitary moments by the James River even more cherished.

Outfit details:
Tulle coat
vintage sweater



  1. I swear you always have the best hats!! Love it.

  2. I also couldn't imagine living far from nature, especially since I love hiking and camping. These photographs are just beautiful- the colors of the sky and your surroundings are the perfect compliment to your outfit.

  3. The light in these photos is gorgeous. Yes, I'm decidedly indoorsy too. But I also like to be outside in gardens, on trails, and by the water. If I could somehow have both, the quiet and nature, and the comfort of indoors, I would be in heaven. :)

  4. I can feel in the second picture your thoughts of have moved so often from your blog and you handle it well but you'll find the older you get it will be harder and harder.

    On a bright note, SCENERY change for your photo blog. I love this scenery and feel like it's beginning to get stamped in my head... where will she pose today? train... field... by the water... road through the trees. I love to be outdoors and I love to either dally in it as you do but I love to also be immersed in it. I garden, hike, mountain bike, trail run. But we have another home in Chicago and I enjoy being immersed in city life too, sometimes I think of all those peoples as similar to being surrounded by the trees in the forest, they just move faster.

    Great pictures as always.

  5. I really like how you got your outfit and post title to tie in (but not be too cutesy) with your next post, the movie review.

    On that note, I had never noticed that some do not stand as the teacher leaves. That does make an interesting point.

  6. the light in these pictures is so lovely. and your hat is adorable!

    I guess I'm the same way when it comes to the outdoors; I can't imagine being away from nature, but I enjoy my impractical shoes!

  7. I love "The Dead Poets Society" !It's such a rich movie. I like the style of your blog and your style


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