I Looked Over Waves

My favorite weather isn't a specific weather pattern, but those moments before a storm. The sky is crowded with clouds and the wind is beginning to pick up--you can practically taste the rain in the air, but the storm still hasn't arrived. Everything's held in suspension for that first clap of thunder or rain drop. These pictures were taken in that brief spate; I had just put my camera back into my tote when it began to sprinkle (and made it back to my car before the downpour). The beach is the perfect place to storm-watch; you can see everything far out on the horizon and feel the pounding waves grow in intensity.

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
vintage shoes



  1. you so lucky to have such beautiful scenery close by to take photos!


  2. Love that you chose to wear such a bright dress on such a monochromatic day. It's the perfect paradox.


  3. Love the dress, it makes you look cute and elegant at the same time

  4. I haven't popped by the blog in sooo long i didn't even know you had cut your hair! It looks great! Very edgy!
    Daisy Dayz Home

  5. Love the bright red on you! :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

  6. wow, such a beautiful scenery and I love the pattern of your dress!
    I love the time before the storm, it's perfect, but to be honest, I'm scared of storms so this maybe a bit weird^^


  7. these beach pictures always blow me away! love the color of your dress and the low cut back...so romantic! <3
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  8. That is a really cute coat... even more cute with the way you put your hands in your pockets.. it's rather playful



  9. these photos are soo beautiful! wish I could pull off the short hair cut, looks super cute on you! x

  10. I like your outfit in these pictures but what I like most is how the red in the dress pops out against the grey skies. You look like a phoenix bird ready to fly!So pretty!

  11. I love that moment before the rain. much better if at the beach.

    Hugs <3

  12. i like the height of the storm! i grew up around redwoods which have a habit of falling during storms which made it all the more thrilling. plus, there was one road that ran through the area so if it got blocked (which it inevitably did once or twice a year) we all had school canceled!

  13. I LOOOVE the dress! Also, I have those shoes too! And the second photo of you is gorgeous!

  14. These photos make me dearly miss the lake I live by...it's frozen and covered in snow right now. Cloudy, wavy days spent on the shore were always my favorite.

    I love the seagull flying in the third photo; it's so atmospheric.

    Maria Elyse

  15. That second photo is so beautiful! I love the deep stormy purplish color of the sky against the red dress as well.

    I grew up on the beach in New Jersey. (I did not fist pump). I always used to love watching lightning really far out over the ocean from our balcony, its strange how something can be scary and serene at the same time!

  16. Ah! I agree with you about that wakeful moment before a storm. Beautiful and a bit fearful :) & loving the red dress opposing the grey backdrop


  17. oh honey, your dress is adorable, so so pretty

  18. I can't believe you caught a bird in flight in the third photo! That dress seems like it would be perfect for pre-storm weather. I always enjoy your writing; it's very thought-provoking!

  19. I must be the exact opposite. I dislike rain mostly, but love the moments right after its done (Well, I live in an arid area so its not like it rains long...)

    Love the draping quality to your dress, especially with the hint of skin in the back.

  20. Wow I am really enjoying your blog, love the stunning pictures. For sure the time right before a storm is awesome, the charged energy and everything is very powerful.
    Love the red too, it is my favorite color to wear.
    Somebody made an earlier comment about the short hair. I want to suggest they try it, if they do not like it at least it will grow out. I had long hair for years but got tired of it in the summer so went super short, at first I was unsure, but within a couple of days (and dying it) I loved it.
    Great fashion blog. Totally enjoyed.

  21. This dress looks incredibly pretty on you. I love the deep back on it. Such gorgeous pictures too, as usual.


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