Les Vacances

"Ballroom dancing on a summer afternoon with melon ice-tea and the perfect soundtrack to a first kiss," is just one of the charming descriptions listed in Family Affair's spring lookbook. The clothes fit the romantic image she weaves in every description. Inspired by dreams of summer vacations the clothes are exactly the sort of pieces you want to throw in your suitcase and take to the beach. Or maybe "...you have been making blueberry jam all day in your summer cabin in the Swedish woods; it's a full moon tonight and you're going for a skinny dip later."

Les Vacances by Family Affairs



  1. Those prints are so pretty!



  2. Their collection is one of my FAVORITES this year. Stunning prints, great construction and wonderful lookbook!

  3. I love her words almost as much as her clothes! I want to be barefoot in a sun drenched wood floor house all summer, too, now.


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