Sunday Remix

A simple solid colored dress (like mine from Topshop) is really a great investment. When I think about investment pieces I don't really think about designer buys, but just an item that I will wear again and again--it doesn't have to cost a lot because really every penny you spend matters. Anyway, when I saw this dress I just knew it would be the sort of item I could wear in a variety of styles.



  1. You look great with short hair! Super cute!!
    <3 Daisy

  2. I love this dress!
    You are so beautiful)

  3. Little dresses, in classic shapes and any colour and price-point, are the perfect basics. I actually really like little print dresses, since I find the multiple colours are great for remixing, but jewel tones are great too. : )

  4. What a darling dress. I love all the ways you styled it so, so much. Happy sunday!

  5. I really agree with you. An investment garment doesn't have to be from a popular brand, doesn't have to cost...And I think it neither have to be something neutral, basic...It's something we're going to wear a lot, that goes well with many items we already have & we really really love. Ps. I love your Sunday remixes, love to see the same garment on different seasons & styles.

  6. I like seeing all of your different incarnations. I think it really says something to your style that you are able to adapt to different looks and have it all look wonderful in their own way.
    also, man, taking outfit posts are difficult! i can't get the right life and i don't have a tripod so my pictures are always coming out too blurry. i've just started a blog about... a week ago? i'm such a newbie. does anybody have any advice?
    In any case, thank you for the inspiration, as always.

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  8. What a lovely little post- it's really interesting to see the different ways one person can style one garment... not only does it show the versatility of the article of clothing, but also your own adaptibility. That's such a lovely, basic dress, but most importantly, you're wearing the dress- it isn't wearing you.

    - Anshika

  9. I agree with you too and love having different simple dresses I can combine in different ways!
    Love the 5th pic especially.

  10. such a lovely group of photographs, definitely a great investment, love it with the coat and knitted jumper

  11. your red hair is adoraaabllee

  12. Yep. Such a solid dress!
    And I love seeing all the stages of your hair. You look adorable with ALL lengths, but I especially love it super short. You pull it off so well!

  13. the sunny picture with your long hair and the hat is my fave by far. I love to see a smiling picture! :)
    I have a VERY similar dress from topshop, actually! :)
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  14. I like that the color looks different with the different stylings in each picture. It doesn't even look like the same piece.

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  16. I like this sunny photos. I think you look great with long hair. All dresses look great and suits you.


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