Rendered Powerless

Due to a power outage I'm typing this up at a Starbucks (which is additionally amusing since I don't drink coffee). Isn't it funny how powerless we become when the electricity goes off? It was one thing to put aside my computer, since even charged I didn't have wifi, but then all the other tasks I had planned on doing today were still moot--I couldn't bake that pound cake (I was afraid to open the fridge!) or wash my clothes. Even after a few hours without power, I still find myself trying to turn on the light in closets and bathrooms. Still, I suppose it was a good excuse to play with the dogs (who still haven't learned how to properly fetch) and get a bit farther in that book I've been reading...

Outfit details:
Gap cardigan
vintage shoes



  1. You look darling! I love the plaid! xo, rv

  2. cute dress
    love the shoes

  3. simply adorable once again, cute little shoes too

  4. I always feel helpless when the power goes out, and muscle memory/habits of modernity don't ever seem like they will fade. You'll always reach for that light switch or TV remote and suddenly find yourself desperate without anything to preoccupy yourself, despite numerous other things you could be doing. I love the way your shirt dresses look with your hair by the way, your style is so feminine and it gives it a lovely punch of androgyny.

  5. Ugh, losing electricity sucks. We had a terrible storm last fall and our power was out for a full two days. No internet, cold showers, not being able to make coffee or popcorn, bleh, it was rough. I hope that you get power again soon!

  6. Hope the power came back on!
    I adoooore those shoes! Perfect.

  7. Darling, darling, darling dress! And the bokeh in your background is just fantastic! ♥

  8. I love the blue, grey, and brown together. And one can't help but feel like they're floundering a bit when the power goes out. It's good that you have a book to read. Also, you made a pun, powerless or power-less? :)

  9. What are you reading? :)

    Lovely outfit and such serene pictures! I can almost hear the branches rustling in the background.

    Power cuts really make me aware how much I depend on the Internet for fun... Especially in the evening when it's dark out...

  10. Such a beautiful dress!

    I don't drink coffee either. Or tea. I always feel like such an outcast!


  11. Power outerages really stink but they do turn out to make you do things you wouldn't have otherwise done. I read so much more when the power's out and yes, I spend more time with my family and puppy playing say a boardgame rather than in my room on the computer. It stinks, but it's usually worth it! :D
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  12. I kind of enjoy when the power goes out. It forces you to slow down and, like you said, do other things you otherwise wouldn't have thought of doing. Makes you grateful for when you do have power, too!

  13. i am lusting over that dress. the last time i lost power i felt the same way! i ended up reading a book in one sitting by candle light. which sounds lovely right now, but i haven't the time! not with all the blogs to read and posts to well, post and things to do!

  14. Your dress is so summery and perfect. I love it with your cool vintage shoes. Lovely outfit!


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