Wind And Birds Have Sowed

This is one of those outfits I couldn't really see myself wearing if I didn't live so close to nature. It's not that crowded city streets would would make me too shy to creatively express myself through whimsical headbands (although it probably would be a factor); it's just that these clothes belong here. This is how I picture a modern dryad dressing after becoming domesticated to the point of living in a cabin, but not abandoning her true home in the woods (rather like a selkie who has had her seal skin stolen but never loses a longing for the sea). While the palette and heavy brocade might be better suited for autumn, it still matches the pine needle bedding and bare tree branches only just beginning to show spring growth--I hadn't intended to match the woods so perfectly, but I think our surroundings do influence us so much.

Outfit details:
vintage belt


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