Do Not Call The Forest That Shelters You A Jungle

It's terribly green in my corner of Virginia lately; the woods seem more like a jungle and they threaten to consume the roads. Perhaps that is why I was inspired to wear my growling panther dress again--it belongs in this rambling wilderness. Spring really does have a rampant energy unlike other seasons; Summer is lazy and languid content to let days linger, and while Fall will rush in to make her presence known, despite her colorful dressing she lacks Spring's bursting vitality and Winter just weighs heavily on mind and body...I need to stop anthropomorphizing the seasons and my wardrobe.

Outfit details:
Triptych dress


Tori Bonaventura said...

I am in LOVE with your dress! So unique and beautiful. I love your blog!
xo, Tori

MintJulep said...

Awwww that dress is soo cool!

Teddi said...

rebecca, i like your anthropomorphizing, & i like your dress!

M.~ (Faded M Style) said...

This dress is so much fun! I love the pairing of the blouse with it.
Best, M.~

Caitie said...

your dress is so original - love it on you!


Miranda said...

I just discovered your blog, and I am in love. I absolutely love your style, and that hair! I have been coveting a pixie for a few months, but I keep chickening out. :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Miranda, aw thanks! PS you should do the pixie! I only cut my hair this winter and had really long hair before. It's a bit scary at first, but totally worth the plunge if it's something you want. It can always grow back anyway. :)

Two Happy Hearts said...

Ahh, I LOVE this! Such a cool look. You look beautiful, as always!

Sarah said...

Great dress - love it with the blouse underneath! xx

Sarah said...

Great dress - love it with the blouse underneath! xx

BellaRose said...

I love this dress - I've missed seeing it on the blog (stalker alert!)


(aka www.divine-decadence-darling.net)

WearAbouts said...

I am sooo in love with that dress! Amazing with the pink top :)
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daria said...

the dress is gorgeous! it looks so good with the blouse that I thought they were one.

Jennifer Lawrence said...

I love how you've combined these two pieces to look as though they're one! I love the details of the blouse showing through, I love the pop of colour it brings to the dress.
You always have the most beautiful backdrops for your photos, such a magical place to live!
Jennifer xox