A Map And A Morgan

There are so many covetable pieces in Lauren Moffatt's spring/summer 2012 collection and I mean that quite literally--it's one of the largest collections I've seen. Still, with piece after piece of warm weather perfect pieces, I have no complaints. Having seen it in person, I'm coveting tiny star sequins, lightweight crochet, and artistic brushstrokes.



  1. Ahhhhh I'm in love with all these dresses! totally my style!

  2. Me encanta esta coleccion.
    Es muy bonita.


    Un beso, juan.

  3. They are all so adorable!! First is definitely my favorite :) :)Didn't know this brand existed, so ty!

  4. Gasp! I love those dresses and blouses! thanks for posting! thebluekazoo

  5. I dunno. The patterns are interesting, but from the pictures it seems more like clothes designed for little girls, biggened up, and then put on a skinny model. Maybe if they were a bit more tailored I would be less skeptical.

    I like the skirt in the last outfit, though. Very pretty, and it looks nice with that lace top.

  6. @Colleen Beaty, interesting criticism, but I don't see how little girls' clothes made larger is a problem really. Not every fit has to be tailored and I personally find breezy/loose pieces perfect for summer heat...

  7. It's just a trend I've noticed in fashion recently - women's clothes that look like they're made for little girls, and little girls' clothes that look like they're made for grown, sexy women. I'm not a fan, but if the clothes make you feel comfortable, sexy, beautiful, or whatever, then I say wear away :)


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