Sunday Remix

I haven't worn this dress much lately, because I used to wear it so much. Sort of like when you fall in love with a new CD and listen to it on repeat for two weeks straight; as much as you still love those songs at a point you can't listen to them anymore. I haven't stopped loving this dress (it might be my favorite in my closet), but I took a little break from wearing it. It is good to note that even the most unique pieces in your wardrobe are very remixable. This dress is by a little brand called Triptych, I bought from The Olive Shoppe a couple of years ago so it isn't available anymore but the store still carries a number of interesting brands.



  1. its so perfect with the red tights and leopard jacket! That's def my fave way you styled it :)
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  2. Now what's really interesting is to see all your haircuts in these remix posts too! :)

  3. I love your remix posts! As the last commenter said, it's extra interesting because of all your various lovely hairstyles and how different they make each outfit look. This dress is fabulously fierce and I can see why you'd put it on repeat :)

  4. I think the red tights and leopard is my fav :)

  5. I love seeing the remix posts. It is such a fun dress to remix.

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  6. that dress became a favorite of mine since i saw how you styled it different ways! love it!!

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  7. It's such an amazing dress!


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