Interview With Marguerite Gisele

Recently I started girl crushing on the lovely Marguerite (even her name is dreamy). It was a necessary progression then to get to know her better through one of my interviews. As many of you know: I like to make my interviews a little different, so instead of asking typical questions I had her plan a dream party.
What type of party is it?
A Dinner party!
Who’s invited?
Friends and Family so that I can feel calm and comfortable, and you Rebecca, as you are the one who’s giving me the opportunity to celebrate this perfect dream party in my head. Also some people I always wanted to meet like Cleo de Merode, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin, Christian Dior, Edith Head, Carson McCullers, Sidney Bechet, Albert Camus, Ernst Lubitsch, Miles Davis, Woody Allen, Juliet Greco, Marilyn Monroe ca. 1956 with new husband Arthur Miller, Anna Karina and Jean-Luc Godard when they were still married and straight from the set of vivre sa vie, and last but not least a very very young Brigitte Bardot.
Where does it take place?
In the forest, on a warm summer night! Just a long Dining Table between the trees, and lampions hanging from the branches.
What are you serving?
I would bring my Risotto, my mothers vegetable lasagna and my grandmothers apple pie... and of course everyone’s pets are invited too, which means we need a yummy buffet for them so that Asim will enjoy the evening as well.
Who would get to sit next to you?
Carson McCullers so that I can thank her for a book that means so much to me and Christian Dior because I’d try to talk him into designing me a dress for the next Party!
What is the theme or what is everybody wearing?
No theme, no rules, may everybody come as they please...I see a lot of ladies taking off their high heels to walk barefoot on the mossy ground.
Is there a special playlist or entertainment?
I really wish Sidney Bechet would play a song, but I’d probably be to shy to ask him.
Are there any party favors?
I will make a crown of freshly picked Marguerites for every single guest.
What are the hot topics of the evening?
Probably music, fashion, movies, literature...and the fear that some wild boars could get attracted by the food.
Who’s the most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Cleo de least I really like to see that!
Who is the last to leave?
Probably me because I can’t leave a mess in the beautiful forest...even in a dream!
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