The Beautiful Hunger of Afternoons

It's full-on summer hot here (as evidenced by my red red cheeks and ears--yes, my ears blush too) even though it won't officially start until June 20th and lacking central air we have deployed an army of fans around the old house making transpering the narrow hallway upstairs slightly treacherous and churning our own homemade ice cream in flavors of peanut butter and vanilla. This dress by It's Okay My Dear seems like the perfect encapsulation of summer as it reminds me of picnic. I've followed It's Okay My Dear for several years after reading about her on another blog and admiring her souffle hats, but I think her new collection of gingham pieces and fancy cut-outs is my favorite yet. After a few interactions online she offer me this dress and I was pretty ecastic, I was even happier when it arrived in the mail--it fits like a dream, feel so sturdy/well-made, and it has pockets. So, shall we pack a basket and enjoy the sunshine?

Outfit details:


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