Night Of Summer Stars

Finding this abandoned barn was pure luck: I was home alone for the second day in a row and didn't expect either of my roommates home on an 88 degree day in our little non-air conditioned house, so after running errands and eating Thai food in bed I decided I ought to get in the car to do more than just grocery shopping and post office visiting and I thought it might be nice to visit my old college campus which I haven't been to since I graduated and it was always a pretty place tucked away with fields and river, but halfway there I spied these decaying steeples through a cluster of trees and made the sudden decision to exit the highway and weave around some backroads until I finally was face-to-face with the abandoned builings. Like I said, pure luck--I need to make more spontaneous decisions to drive off on random adventures.

Outfit details:
Seychelles sandals


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