Between The Night And The Day

It seems like I almost always catch things when they're changing. It's so rare for me to be by the river when it's still and flat; the water always seems to be coming or going, rising or falling during my visiting hours. My outfit posts are taken in that brief spate of time between day and night; the sun has set but its light still fills the sky and ground and leaves with a soft glow. It was nice this evening to catch the river just as it was frozen for a moment; still pools reflecting blushing sky and blooming spring.

Outfit details:
Modcloth trench coat (year old)
ASOS dress
UO sandals



  1. Awesome dress, love it !

  2. Such nice shots! Lovely colors and of course beautiful dress and style!

  3. Like your pretty shoes in the water. Also how fun is that dress? So prim from the front with a hint of fun in the back.

  4. What a fun and flirty dress! And I lOVE your sandals in the water; it makes for a good picture!

    x Aliya

  5. Love that dress...I've been loving dresses with cutouts lately :) All of your photo locations are so beautiful!

  6. The cutout in the back of the dress is awesome! I have a dress that has a similar cutout but unfortunately since the weather has been changing an awful lot here, I haven't been able to wear it yet.

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  8. hi rebecca! the moment i saw the first picture i was like, "omg, she put her sandals in the mud?!!! " and then as i browsed the other pictures, i'm still having a little bit of worry for those poor sandals getting all the mud but then it seems like you're having some fun so why let a pair of sandals get on the way? right? haha! =)

  9. Beautiful! I love that type of light, it makes everything perfect.

  10. @Pamella, haha yep. Plus the sandals are over a year old, so it's not like I'd ruin new shoes, but I don't mind ruining clothes doing things I enjoy. Although, to reassure you I washed the shoes when I went home and they look fine.

  11. This dress looks beautiful on you Rebecca! I was wondering, when you shoot in this low light do you use a flash or no? I just got a DSLR yesterday which I have been saving for for months, and I usually don't get home until dusk from work. So, I will probably be shooting a lot in low light situations and you seem like quite the pro :)
    xo Hannah

  12. @Hannah, no flash. Just adjust the manual settings.


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