In A Green Shade

It's nice to return to light, soft colors with spring and summer. After a winter of darkness I'm always eager to shed my layers and abandon most of the black in my wardrobe. I do try to wear some color in winter, but pastels and brights are always so jarring when worn with heavy boots, thick tights, and sturdy coats. Anyway, I'm glad to have simple ladylike dresses such as this one back in my life. I'm quite the minimalist really.

Outfit details:


Ivy said...

beautiful dress:)

The PvdH Journal said...

So stunning. The dress, the red platforms, the photographs.. and I love your pixie cut!



Natali said...

Your photos and outfits are so inspiring!


Avrianisa Yavandri said...

you're really cute !!

Kate said...

Love the look!


Nähfiddeley said...

Ooooh ... what a dreamfull dress.


WearAbouts said...

I LOVE that print. SO SO gorgeous. You look perfect against the bokeh green trees behind you :)
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Kimberellie said...

It always feels so bittersweet when I see dresses I love on your blog. It's because they are all too short for me! At least, I assume you don't hem your dresses...right? Anyway, this one does look like it would be long enough if I wasn't always bending over to pick up children. So this time it's my fault!

But LOVELY LOVELY dress. I adore it with the shoes!

SoFashionistica said...

You look lovely! The cutout on that dress is awesome! It looks like a heart....is it?!

SoFashionistica said...

You look lovely! The cutout on that dress is awesome! It looks like a heart....is it?!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@Kimberellie, nope I don't hem, but sometimes I shorten the torso (as I did with this dress) b/c I'm petite, so the top half ends up being too long.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@SoFashionistica, no cutout, just a v-back. I have tattoos, so maybe that's what is giving the illusion of a heart?

MarieBayArea said...


Caitie said...

how cute is this dress on you?! and with those shoes!!! nuts! so sweet.


Kristian said...

Blogs and online leads to a more ...curated version of people, but even so, I think the simple, spring like feel seems more you, somehow. (You look lovely all year round but this mood matches where you like to take pictures and the art you post about...)

Alicia & Victoria said...

this dress is so damn cute, your haircut is also damn cute
beautiful photos
I can see you want to express yourself by these photos and you're doing a really good job ! :)
and also great places to take pictures :)



Fashion Inciter said...

Really nice dress, I bought one recently that has a sweetheart neckline and is striped and multi-colored with the same style skirt. Very nice, I really love the shoes.