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It's tough to take pictures at sunset on the windy beach. This might be the last time I go to this particular stretch of shoreline. I keep thinking out this last and the end of that place and so on, but I'm rather accustomed to ends by now. Leaving places really isn't too traumatizing for me; I made my first flight and move when I was six months old, so leaving is more habit than anything. There will be other beaches, although I did quite enjoy the quietness of this one.

Outfit details:
thrifted flats
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. Oh such a cute dress !!

  2. I melt ever time I see that dress.Gorg.

  3. Very cute and girly dress!

  4. Sad to see you leave Virginia! And good luck with your new beginnings!

  5. I haven't seen the sea in about four years or more. Rather sad now that I think about it, but I guess that makes every visit all the more special. And I love that dress, looks very cute.

  6. you fit right in at the beach in that dress! :) I love the sailor-vibe of it! <3
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  7. I haven't moved a lot, only 2 times, although my first move was when I was 4 years old and I moved halfway across the world from Lithuania. It was definitely quite the experience, and I think I've become so attached to what my home is now that I wouldn't want to move again, but it's so amazing that you have the ability to be okay with moving. I wish I did. Maybe I'd take more risks then.

    Lovely dress by the way.

  8. I'll miss seeing photos from this beach, too, but you have a knack for finding beautiful locations. I can't wait to see what you come up with next :)

  9. I can't imagine moving so much. I've lived in only two places my whole life! It must be exciting, though, experiencing all different kinds of places. You can call anywhere home :)

  10. I love this dress! So cute on you.

  11. good luck in your endeavors and I hope you have a great new beginning!

  12. wow! how awesome those photos are!

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  13. Hi Rebecca! I haven't heard of somebody transferring from one place to another (so often) like you do. Good thing you're already accustomed to that kind of living. I, on the other hand, find it so hard to leave a particular place. I have also lived in different places which I all considered my home away from home. And even though I still have some 7 or 8 months left here in Korea before I finish my studies, I am already having "moments" of the things I'll miss here when I get back home. Anyway, good luck on your new life in a new place!

  14. Your sailor dress is so super cute. I can never get enough of nautical-inspired clothes. The lighting in these pictures is beautiful too.


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