Art Is Never Finished, Only Abandoned

While I can be a flexible person in many ways--I'm quite adaptable to new homes abroad and otherwise--I'm quite rigid in others. One of the things I have trouble relaxing about is my photographs; friends and family will attest that whenever they help me I tend to be very blunt whenever I feel they aren't capturing my vision. In many ways I really do prefer to take pictures by myself with my tripod because then there's no requirement to communicate an idea and no one to get mad at but myself. On the other hand collaboration breeds new creativity and helps me achieve shots not possible on my own. My friend Jon takes excellent photographs and I really enjoy having someone to visit interesting places with. Still, I was a bit of a nuisance when we first started taking photographs at this abandoned barn complex (in my defense I'd like to add it was nearly 90 degrees and direct sunlight--conditions I hate shooting in even without company), but we fell into a sync towards the end and I think he took some really lovely pictures. Sometimes it is good to yield creative control.

Outfit details:
vintage dress
*pictures by Jon


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