Sheltered In Forest Shade

I don't think heels make an outfit. Shoes are obviously a key component to a head-to-toe look (hence the toe part), but they don't necessarily have to be platform, studded, be-glittered, and featuring a staggering 5 inch or higher protrusion on their end taking me from petite height to average in a single step. It's an over-exaggeration I'm sure, but I just don't see the point of wearing an uncomfortable shoe on a gravel path through the woods and I don't think outfits suffer from the lack of elevation. But then again, I'm not attempting to be a walking fashion editorial--I'm trying to dress in a way that I find comfortable both figuratively and literally. I'm not against heels, I just feel it's silly to default to them or think if your shoe is tall enough even the worst outfit is cute. For me, it's a balance between actual physical comfort and the sort of pieces that make you feel secure enough to face the day. I don't wear actual body armour, but a sheer blouse from one of my favorite designers in a power color paired with a simple summer sandal and I feel less like a turtle without a shell when I'm walking about. While my style might seem overly put-together to some and rather basic to others, the point remains: dress in a way that makes you feel good. But all of these thoughts are the ramblings of an extreme introvert that would rather be alone in the woods than most events filled with her peers...

Outfit details:
H&M jacket


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