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While I can be a flexible person in many ways--I'm quite adaptable to new homes abroad and otherwise--I'm quite rigid in others. One of the things I have trouble relaxing about is my photographs; friends and family will attest that whenever they help me I tend to be very blunt whenever I feel they aren't capturing my vision. In many ways I really do prefer to take pictures by myself with my tripod because then there's no requirement to communicate an idea and no one to get mad at but myself. On the other hand collaboration breeds new creativity and helps me achieve shots not possible on my own. My friend Jon takes excellent photographs and I really enjoy having someone to visit interesting places with. Still, I was a bit of a nuisance when we first started taking photographs at this abandoned barn complex (in my defense I'd like to add it was nearly 90 degrees and direct sunlight--conditions I hate shooting in even without company), but we fell into a sync towards the end and I think he took some really lovely pictures. Sometimes it is good to yield creative control.

Outfit details:
vintage dress
*pictures by Jon



  1. These are really beautiful photographs -- he did a great job. The first one of the barn is fantastic.

    I have a hard time yielding control in photography too -- it's hard when you've been doing self-outfit shots for years :)

  2. The stitching on that dress is fantastic!

  3. You look lovely! Those sandals are DEFINITELY a favorite of mine. I actually have a barn on my property! We live in a like 200 year old farmhouse. It does yield some pretty cool places, though! :)
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  4. I love the rainbowy effects. You are darling and incredibly photogenic.How lovely to be surrounded by such artists!

    ~CP, ladiesinnavy

  5. That one of you sitting on the fence is absolutely stunning!



  6. Everything s very beautiful and cozy. Your dress looks pretty and that building looks very old and full of secrets.

  7. Nice looks, make her sweet and simple

  8. these are just lovely! love your shorter bangs too!

  9. The photos are beautiful! I tend to like doing my own with a tripod as well (not that I photograph myself often, but when I do, and I put time into it, that's what I prefer).

  10. I thought it was cool that there was a red barn in my backyard. This old building puts that charmer to shame.

    I love how your adventurous streak allows you to crawl into dirty old buildings in pretty white dresses. :)

  11. I agree with you, I'm often controlling in my projects but I've also learned the wonderful and valuable lesson collaboration, and I enjoy that so much more now! Though sometimes it's nice to seize the reigns as well ;)

  12. These photographs are ever so beautiful and you look stunning in your dress.
    Such a lovely post to read and view

  13. I love the detailing on your dress, beautiful! The pictures turned out terrific, I am sure in part from a great model and a great photographer! :)

  14. They're fantastic photos, I love the location choice.

  15. I love the first photo! So lovely


  16. These are my favourite photos of you ever. You and Jon make a great team! Also, I always look through all the pics before I read the text, and I knew without reading that Jon took these. I think partly it's because he has a different style than you (though you sound like you're directing a lot!). Also, you seem quite radiant when he is photographing you (totally not insinuating DO seem quite radiant in these pics. You are lovely).

  17. i love these. you look so delicate. i also love that your pictures always hint at thoughts in your head. i don't know how to describe it. some people pose, combined with the overall gestalt of the photos, to look kind of vapid. your pictures always seem to hint at something else going on.

  18. He did an incredible job! You are so beautiful and I love that dress!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  19. the photos are really fantastic!!! i absolutely adore the first, third and sixth!!!! amazing :)

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  20. These photographs are just plain beautiful and magical.
    You look so gorgeous! That dress is stunning!
    Love the effects, great job!

  21. Definitely got some great photos in the end! Such a cute dress and the neckline makes it very unique!


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