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I feel as if I'd be a good deal more adventurous if it wasn't such a bad season for ticks. It's hard to wade through thigh-high grass towards some obscure spot in the distance when you're constantly checking your legs for crawly things (my parents are fairly convinced I'll get Lyme disease). I still get out some though and I've yet to weather more than the usual seasonal bug bites and minor scratches--I don't mind marking my legs in pursuit of something interesting.

Outfit details:
jean jacket
UO sandals



  1. Oh gosh! I hope you don't get lime disease! The ticks travel on kangaroos around our place, and yes we even have kangaroos in our street!
    It's winter here right now, so. although it may be hot where you are, your photos still look like you are cold! But you always look wonderful, and I look forward to your fashion adventures each day! :)

  2. love the color of the dress - pretty pastel color - great for summer as well

  3. Such a cute dress! I'm always afraid of ticks when I'm home. I'm not much of a country girl! haha

  4. i recommend combing a few drops of eucalyptus oil with sunblock or lotion. it keeps the ticks away. works for me!

  5. beyond cute, I love the colour of the dress

  6. Aw man I used to live in Maryland till I was nine and around age 7 I got Lyme disease. It was actually pretty easy to treat though. Anyways lovely dress and outfit photos!:)

  7. That dress is such a pretty color on you!
    And yep...ticks are kind of terrifying to me. My family took a trip to Kansas when I was a kid, and somehow ALL of us kids got ticks on us. They're the worst!! So you be careful out there ;)

  8. THAT DRESS!!! I have no words!!!! I need it in my life!!!

  9. Lovely look!


  10. Yeah, ticks freak me out too. But if it helps, I think they have to remain engorged (ewwww) to transmit the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, which can take up to 48 hours. So if you get a tick and remove it quickly, you're safe. I haven't researched this because I'm paranoid or anything. ;) Also, love the color of that dress.

  11. Lovely color of the dress.

    We have ticks up in the mountains, but I've never given much thought to them being in long grass...something to think about!

  12. I love how the deep red in the barn brings out the teal so nicely! prettypretty:)

  13. Oh I bet! I would be quite paranoid about creepy crawlies but you do get some lovely photos so it's lucky that they don't bother you. The dress is such a fantastic colour and looks so good against the red of that shed/Barn building!

  14. Ohh, I'm completely the same! I can definitely put up with some bumps and scratches for a pretty reward <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  15. Hi. I absolutely love your look. You really know how to pull an outfit together and you've transitioned form long hair to short fantastically. I was wondering if you could give some advice from you experience on how to look feminine with a pixie cut like this. I got my haircut real similar to yours and I'm starting to regret it because I now look like a 13 year old boy. I don't really have experience with make up, but I feel like I'm going to have to start wearing it just so I can look more girly. I'm also trying to transition from super lazy tshirt and jeans wear to dresses or nice blouses. You've really been an inspiration to me. I really want to get into fashion. I am way to self conscious though. I'm not used to wearing dresses so I'm always wondering if I look good or not. And no that I have a pixie cut I need to be even more aware of my appearance. I would greatly appreciate some advice. Just little things you've picked since getting shorter hair.

  16. this is great Rebecca!!! i love the combination of denim and your pretty mint dress!!!

    paint it stripes

  17. I absolutely love this outfit. I'm definitely drawn to simpler outfits in the summer months - a cute dress, with cute shoes and a denim jacket is my perfect equation for a great outfit. <3

    Also, that barn is great and I'm seriously jealous of your finding-great-photo-locations skills.


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