Twilight In The Tropics

The hibiscus print on this dress always reminds me of Hawaii so it makes me sort of sad to wear it anywhere that isn't the beach. Alas, I don't live near the ocean anymore and it isn't really reasonable to reserve a dress for a single locale. With hot and humid days it isn't hard to imagine living in a tropical area, although my scenery quite often doesn't match the forecast. With days like these I really do miss the beach--I don't know when I'll finally make it back to the ocean but it won't be soon enough.

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old)



  1. Love the print. I have only been to Hawaii twice, but it is definitely one of my favorite places. I love all the hibiscus around there.

  2. Cute dress! :) It must have been wonderful living in Hawaii, I always miss being close to a beach, too.
    At least you always manage to find some other lovely spots!

    Hailey from

  3. Tha'ts right girl, photos in the water!!! Anything for fashion!!!

  4. Lovely dress, I love the hibiscus print.
    Kiss from Paris
    Trip in my dressing

  5. I really love the open back detail of this dress. I've seen it on dresses quite a bit recently. Do you know what this particular style/cut is called?

    You are darling, as always!

    ~CP, ladiesinnavy

  6. I've always liked that dress, and these photos do look most tropical. I always have trouble wearing my boat-print dress, or anything sailor-collared, away from the beach...

  7. I love these photos! Looks so idyllic. The print is very pretty.

    Natasha xo

  8. I always find your photoshoots with boots so lovely looking and unique.

    The nice thing about such dresses, is that they DO remind you of a lovely place and time and you can just make even more memories in them.

  9. The print and the style are AWESOME! I especially love the back of the dress :)
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  10. I love this Hawaiian print dress. It looks lovely even beside a lake. Hope your travels send you back to Hawaii soon.

  11. What a beautiful area. The floral print really pops amid all that green! Love the boots, by the way, they always seem to add just enough quirk to your outfits. And your tattoo is as divine as ever, I love that we get to see it more now that warmer weather its near :)

  12. Great photos Rebecca! Just curious in the 3rd photo are you wearing glasses?

  13. @CP and KW, idk maybe just open-back dresses? Or a cut-out I guess.

  14. @Anonymous, thank you! And sunglasses yes--I wear contacts mostly, so a prescription glasses shot is rare.


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