Vaguely Leaks Away

Emerging Thoughts recently sent me the new Darling line to photograph for the shop. This dress with the pearl collar was my favorite from the collection and I was sad to return it. I'm such a minimalist so I enjoy dresses with details like this collar that double as jewelry. It won't be in stock for a little while, so I'll hold off on the other pictures until everything is available, but I couldn't resist sharing these now. Anyway, my friend Jon and I visited the abandoned star barn complex to photograph everything in--we love the light leaks in those old buildings. I need more adventuring friends--I want to wander somewhere new every weekend, skin my knees climbing trees and rickety staircases and find so many forgotten things...Of course when Jon did encourage me to go upstairs I went about two steps into the second level felt the earth quake and trotted back down. It's far too early in the summer for a broken leg.

Outfit details:
Darling dress borrowed from Emerging Thoughts
*pictures by Jon


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