Aspirations Are Possibilities

Certain clothes seem as aspirational as the posters we like to hang on our walls...well, I actually do hang my prettiest dresses on my walls--I like watching the light catch sequins on party dresses I barely get an excuse to wear and a breeze from an open window making a vintage prom dress dance in a way it hasn't been allowed to do in years. It certainly saves me the price of framing things and gives my clothes another use for when they're not being worn. Other times though aspiration comes in the clothes we put in our closets and wear on our backs--dressing for the job we want or perhaps the life we want. When I apply a coat of red lipstick I'm not just accessorizing my face, I'm smearing the war paint of femme fatales that have smoldered at me through the silver screen--they promised that when I dress for adventure that adventure would find me and if I follow their lead, when it does I will be a woman to be reckoned with and remembered. And a longer skirt immediately affects the way I carry myself; those few extra inches usually neglected seem to whisper against my knees of ladylike poise and the allure of hints and secrets...

Outfit details:
vintage Coach purse


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