Half-Realized Imaginings

There aren't enough picnics to satisfy my hunger for homemade lemonade and everything else that tastes of summer and sunlight and water gun fights and white dresses and fireflies. I probably spend too much free time watching films where children find themselves in those brief free months between school and responsibility, catapulted into adventures that baffle the mind and I wonder why my life doesn't mirror theirs although I'm now grown and school is a fading bruise in my memory. Each short roadtrip I take or new discovery I stumble across just adds to the need for more--every sparkler begs to spark a bonfire on the beach, built tall to be danced around like a pagan until only embers remain and star light paints everything in a silver glow. And could I fall asleep there on a bed of sand and seashells and half-realized daydreams then awake to the sea kissing my toes? No, there really can't be enough summer adventures to compare to the ones I've spun in my mind.

Outfit details:
Zara dress
Rebecca Minkoff backpack



  1. Lovely backpack and dress! Looking girly :)


  2. oh rebecca, your writing & these photos are exquisite. we always imagine things better than they are. don't we?

  3. Your romanticized musings of summer definitely make me want it to last forever. I must admit though, my soul is probably more moved by the idea of fall. I'm still in school, so fall is the time for new beginnings and excitement.

    Triple Thread

  4. I'm loving your photos lately. I feel that they're more artistic than ever.

  5. Nothing beats a simple white dress in the summertime. You look lovely!


  6. That's such a lovely description of summer daydreams. I often think of summer in this way, though my experiences never fulfill my expectations. I love this line: "And could I fall asleep there on a bed of sand and seashells and half-realized daydreams then awake to the sea kissing my toes?" You really are an amazing writer!

  7. Just saw you in BUST Rebecca, cool! Congrats!

  8. very well written, Rebecca <3


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