Common Cold

I seem to have caught a cold--I might have picked it up when I tripped in a creek a few days ago and twisted my ankle and went home dripping, or I may have gotten it from stomping around in this field at sunset and spying on a couple of pickers that were taking things from a barn that is abandoned but was built in the 1800s and it seemed wrong to take more than the dirt on your shoes but it wasn't my barn to say anything, or maybe I got it from running around in a rainstorm yesterday to take pictures and none of them even turned out, but at least my camera didn't catch anything from its flirtations with the rain, and it really doesn't matter where I got it because it is sticking with me now and my head is stuffed full of cotton and my eyelids just want to close with every blink, but I still made it to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight last night because I have priorities and I can rest when I'm dead or so they say, but I'll just rest now and the whole of the weekend while I wait for my head to become unstuffed and my eyes to want to stay open and may you have a lovely weekend.

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thrifted shoes


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