Dust Settles

I took these photos on a stormy day--it was raining and thundering when I snapped them and I was worried I would slip on the wet, swinging bridge, or my camera would get soaked but happily none of those things happened. Lately a number of my photographs are taken in the rain or just between storms, there doesn't seem to be time to wait for sunnier days. Just Sunday I went from strolling through the streets of New York with a girl gang to driving down busy freeways to deliver part of the group to their homes in Maryland to speeding alone down Pennsylvania back roads to a midnight marathon with yet another friend fueled by milkshakes and Fringe. I can't wait for the dust to settle or the rain to stop...

Outfit details:
Zara purse
DKNY heels



  1. I love how your pictures have a sense of MORE to them. Like I love seeing the beautiful dress on you, and your innocent look, but I wish I could be there, smelling the rain, feeling the wind, sensing the adventure in the air...love how you capture life with a "but wait, there's more" feel to it :)

  2. This dress is a perfect combo of grown up and playful. I especially love the top photo, your smile is so sweet and slightly enigmatic.

  3. This dress is simply beautiful! I love the length on you. xx

  4. This dress is pure perfection, I'm in love with it. And the stories behind the pictures... I love them. I'm preparing a Fringe marathon of my own, ahah!

  5. wow. that dress is so gorgeous!
    love it :)


  6. The tri colored dress is adorable and I like your bag.

  7. Those stripes are killers! beautiful outfit


  8. I love the bag. It reminds me of the one my mom used to take along on road trips.


  9. That dress is stunning on you! Weather is so weird sometimes...it seems like when it rains, it rains foreeeeeeeeeeever.

  10. Amazing dress Rebecca!

    I love how your dress combines three of my favorite colors together in a super cohesive manner. The way you photgraphed your dress is absolutely perfect...it definitely captures the idea of movement and flowiness that the colors of water bring to mind. <3

    I think how you paired the dress (with lovely nude chunky sandals and a cute nude handbag) is amazing. All attention is directed towards the amazing fluidity of the dress!

    I agree with what Anonymous said about your pictures always having a sense of more to them.
    Everything you post is absolutely spectacular but also makes me curious.
    I want to be there with you in the pictures, smelling the air and feeling the breeze, even experiencing the rain and thunder!
    Whenever I look at your pictures, I feel like there's something so ethereal and fragile about them.
    I feel urged to hurry and read all your words and see all your pictures as if they'll disappear. I want to hold on to them and keep them in my mind.

    You always do such a great job of providing inspiration!
    Thank you for being amazing and always publishing the most adorable outfits as well as the coolest pictures and loveliest pieces of writing/literature/thinking!

    Have a nice day :)


  11. Cute dress AND I love the purse and shoes you put it all together with. Your blog is great, I read it twice a day for almost six months now! One of the best I keep up with in terms of overall style, writing, and content. :)


  12. What a pretty and feminine dress :)
    I really like your photos :-)

  13. such a lovely outfit. your pale skin seems almost pearlescent. beautiful.

  14. I know that bridge! haha lol the Swinging Bridge. Hope you had fun visiting!

  15. I love the beautiful movement of this dress! And also, the colours are so pretty and look absolutely lovely on you!

  16. This dress looks stunning on you! :)


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