Everything Is Illuminated

These lovely sunflowers run parallel to a busy road--a cacophonous contrast between man's progress and one of nature's most bright creations. The type of place I'm not free to set up my tripod and snap away, but I require a friend to dodge honking cars and take pictures with. I think people sometimes falsely believe I live in a beautiful place, untouched by civilization or terrible weather or some other blight on visual appeal, but the truth is sometimes it's not the place but a sense of perspective. I have been lucky in the past few years to live in places I find really lovely, but I have also developed an appreciation for simple beauty--an ability to spot that quiet corner that seems to belong to another era in the midst of chaos, or a patch of beautiful flowers blooming alongside the road...

Outfit details:
vintage scarf
ASOS dress
*pictures by Brittany



  1. Love this. I recently took a few outfit pictures on the side of the road. The field of wild flowers were too pretty to pass up! Honking car be damned!



  2. oh gosh, these are pretty! i adore the scarf in your hair! i just chopped all mine off again yesterday and have been playing with scarfs and hats.

  3. Absolutely girly and lovely as always!! Beautiful photos :)


  4. This fantastic! I love the dress + accessory combo!


  5. I think it's probably my pms, but this brought tears to my eyes. :) So very, very pretty. <3

  6. I have a memory of a place like this, and I think there are even a few pictures to prove it happened, but I've never been able to track down the field again!

    Lovely, as always!

  7. sunflowers are the best backdrop! i like the whole feel and the rainbow filter

    pandaphilia style

  8. Love all those sunflowers! Gorgeous post as always. :)
    xo, Tori

  9. What a lovely dress! That color looks so good with the sunflower backdrop. <3

    I know what you mean about people thinking where you life is beautiful and perfect. I've had people comment on my blog and be like "oh! where you live is so pretty!" and I'm like "uh... you don't see everything I have to get past to get to where I take pictures!" lol! The life of bloggers, I guess. ;)

  10. The sunglasses and headscarf together give a fun retro vibe.

  11. my goodness these are breathtaking. <3

    i completely agree with what you said about a sense of perspective. i always find myself wishing i lived in a place where beautiful, surreal scenery is easily accessible, but that is quite unlikely at this point (and perhaps in this lifetime) so i make do with what i have. concrete parking lots and abandoned ruins and random people's gates may not equate to lush fields or vast lakes, but they are what i've got and i've learnt to find beauty in them, too.

    still, you are very lucky to not only have lived at these amazing places, but also have such a good eye for beautiful backdrops that truly inspire -- alongside the clothes that you wear and the words that you say. (:

  12. I love the shape of the bodice on your dress!

  13. Your title for this post remains me of the novel by Jonathan Safran. Lovely dress.

  14. This post is so, so gorgeous. Isn't it more impressive to find diamonds in the rough? :)


  15. That dress looks absolutely fabulous on you! What a lovely post, I really enjoyed this one.


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