Everything Is Illuminated

These lovely sunflowers run parallel to a busy road--a cacophonous contrast between man's progress and one of nature's most bright creations. The type of place I'm not free to set up my tripod and snap away, but I require a friend to dodge honking cars and take pictures with. I think people sometimes falsely believe I live in a beautiful place, untouched by civilization or terrible weather or some other blight on visual appeal, but the truth is sometimes it's not the place but a sense of perspective. I have been lucky in the past few years to live in places I find really lovely, but I have also developed an appreciation for simple beauty--an ability to spot that quiet corner that seems to belong to another era in the midst of chaos, or a patch of beautiful flowers blooming alongside the road...

Outfit details:
vintage scarf
ASOS dress
*pictures by Brittany


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