Poets Are Always Taking The Weather Personally

My favorite time to take pictures is right after sunset. Backlit pictures are quite difficult when you take your own photographs and squinting into the sun is annoying, so that sunset glow is my ideal. Of course this means I spend a good amount of day busy at other tasks and when the evening rolls around my dress is wrinkled, my lipstick is nearly all gone, and basically the day as left its mark on me. Often times I prefer this look--not the wrinkled dress so much, but the frayed edges of carefully constructed caricature; as my makeup fades and my hair gets less styled I feel more myself. I like putting myself together in the morning, a little ritual to help me face the day, but I also like feeling a little "undone." I paint my nails constantly, but I like when they chip and remind me that I use my hands often; messy hair is just side effect of driving with the windows down and the radio blasting, a wrinkled dress has been sitting/laying/twirling instead of hanging in a closet, etc. Patina can be as pretty a polish.

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