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My mother helped me take these pictures after I drove down the other week for a brief visit to my parents. They have also made a move this summer, so it was a bit odd driving to their new house on unfamiliar roads, but incredibly wonderful to be greeted by the dogs and fed my mother's delicious home cooking. I grew up eating dinner together every night with my family and it's one of the routines I miss about growing up and moving out--especially when my mother makes such lovely meals. It's just nice to have a time each evening without distractions to talk about the day or just share general chatter; I sometimes felt we passed laughter around with the side dishes. Anyway, it was a short, but sweet visit that made me appreciate the household (since the house often changed!) I grew up in and my familial relationships today as well.

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  1. We are a small household here - just me, the hubby and the child - but I make it a point of having dinner together everynight, and talk about our day and life in general. It will give our child fond memories, I'm sure, and if he is anything like me, and me like my dad, he will be learning a lot of political opinions while he eats, ahah!! My dad was very verbal politically at the dinner table and he enticed me and my sister to participate with our opinions. It was great, really. That dress is lovely.

  2. This dress is lovely, such a great colour on you. I used to hate my parents for forcing us to have family dinners every night when I was a teenager but now I really appreciate going home and having that half hour for everyone to decompress and talk about their days. Definitely something I want to do when I have kids of my own xo

  3. That back of the dress is just wonderful.
    Family dinners are just a nice chance to calm down and take each other in.

  4. Aww I love that last photo.

    I agree about family dinners! We never did that growing up, but with the new baby it's going to be a priority to sit around the table together and have a proper dinner. I definitely think it's important to have that time with each other.

  5. such a cutie! i love your shoes and your pretty tattoo!


  6. Cute dress. I love the shape of it!


  7. The dress is adorable!! Loving its back =)


  8. rebecca, what a lovely dress, that highlights your lovely tattoos, & what lovely mealtimes with your family! :)

  9. You look adorable! I love your blog its such an inspiration for my new blog!



  10. That's such a lovely way of putting family meal time: passing laughter around with the side dishes. Since growing up and being in college, I find that I cherish family meal time much more than I used to. It's funny how things change like that as you get older.

  11. Sounds like a lovely visit. The pictures are sure easy on the eyes... This is a perfect outfit!

  12. These are such beautiful photos and I really like that the dress to shows off your tattoos x x

  13. This dress is amazing!I fall in love with it!You look beautiful!


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