Secrets Are Things We Grow

Last summer I spent many evenings and nights wandering around outside--there was a desolate swing set I liked to frequent and sometimes I'd walk along the sea shore watching the moonlight dance across the waves. It was always a very soothing time; I also took long walks like this around my college campus when I was still in school--both places felt very safe even when I was alone in the woods around midnight. Unfortunately, I haven't found a place like that near where I live yet. Parks close at dusk and the street I live on has too much traffic for the isolation I tend to seek. Instead of walks I've been retreating into evening drives. It's nice after a day-long of things I should or need to do dictating my time to hop into my car and set off without a clear direction or some destination an hour away that just sounds interesting. It does mean I'm spending more on gas than I have in the past, but at the moment I can't really imagine anything else. At the end of a day sometimes you just need to go and be.

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