Silent Limbo Of The Past

Kate explained to me that this bridge is a point of contention between the railroad that runs below and the school campus it connects. As the rust in these photos attest, the bridge requires some maintenance; the railroad would like to see it gone and the school has no desire to pay for its repairs. Yet neither party is interested in investing their own money into fixing or demolishing it and apparently no one knows who the bridge belongs to; making it no man's land in the truest sense of the term. So, the bridge is in limbo--belonging neither here nor there while people still cross it with little thought of its tenuous presence.

Outfit details:
Cheap Monday tee
thrifted skirt
*pictures by Kate



  1. Looks like the F&M campus to me...too funny seeing your blog photos in places I (might) recognize!

  2. Great skirt and shoes, you look so cute :)

  3. Poor little bridge. I'm sure you visiting though brightened it's day. :)

    Great shirt & Skirt by the way.

  4. This post has me thinking about what you said recently about the transience and ever-changing nature of things...we can't just hit the pause button on the world around us. I've never even stepped foot on this bridge and probably never will yet it makes me a little sad to think it may one day be gone. On another note..I love these pics and your pretty outfit.

  5. I love the lighting in these shots and that skirt is so lovely. I'm so jealous you can walk outside all bare legged with simple layers. The UK is being decidedly British and not giving us any Summer...just rain!

    Love the story behind the bridge. You always like to choose really interesting places to shoot your outfit posts.

  6. That cardigan is so darn cute! I love it.
    And that is so interesting about the bridge. I always enjoy the stories that accompany your posts ;)

  7. your sweater look amazing. half half...i love it. 3lin

  8. Love this outfit. Very eclectic! And what a lovely little bridge! I'd be taking pictures there all the time. And I love the story behind it. Also, I think you mean "contention"!

  9. There's a ladder at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem that has had a similar problem for centuries. Someone put a ladder up in the 19th century, but no one knows to what sect that person belonged and therefore whose responsibility it is to remove it. Everyone just leaves it there to avoid upsetting the status quo. Thanks for sharing another story of confusing responsibility.

  10. I love walking bridges over railroads! There was one where I went to college too... (though clearly owned by the city and kept in good repair...)


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