MAGNUM Ice Cream & Alice + Olivia Shoot

Here are the final images from the MAGNUM Ice Cream and alice + olivia shoot I mentioned earlier. It was really fun to be temporarily transformed into a modern flapper for day of snacking on MAGNUM Mini Ice Cream Bars and sipping champagne with super-stylish ladies. Our suite at The Carlyle was the perfect backdrop for the glam looks with its ornate architecture and decorations--definitely a change from my daily life!

Check out MAGNUM Ice Cream's Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to see more final looks of the day.
Outfit details:
Gerard Yosca necklace + bracelet
Bing Bang bracelets
my own rings
Ben Amun rhinestone bracelet
Amarcord Vintage shoes
*This post is sponsored by Magnum Ice Cream as a part of a campaign with Style Coalition



  1. Wow! You're all grown up! How the time does fly.

  2. This must have been an incredible experience! I've been fawning over this new cut since you posted photos. It really does suit you! It also had me itching to chop mine off again! (I've done this twice, couldn't get through the growing out stage previously) But I miss my long flowing red hair, so, alas.. I will continue to fawn over your cut and let mine grow =)

  3. Now I really want a Magnum bar...they are my favorite!!! I love that photo of all of you together.

  4. This photo is beaaaautiful! <3 I still can't get over your stunning crop!

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  5. You're very cute on this picture!


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