Sunday Remix

Light as air silk and criss-crossed with pom poms this dress is one of my favorites to wear when I somewhere to go, but avoid on more typical days. It's by TBA and it's just one of those "special" pieces in my wardrobe that I love to pieces. One of the coolest features of the dress is the detachable sleeves.



  1. Love this gorgeous unique dress! And I really like that the sleeves are detachable too. It gives you so much more variety!


  2. Wow. I love the detachable sleeves!

  3. detachable sleeves!? no way! how cool. you look great!

  4. This is gorgeous!!

  5. i like it best with milkmaid braids :)
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  6. This is such an amazing dress!

  7. this is a lovely black dress indeed, really like your style:)

  8. You look as lovely as always, and the photos are just beautiful!

  9. I’m loving everything about this outfit, the dress is so beautiful and I love your hair, really gorgeous!

  10. Those sleeves are so cool!


  11. Love this dress! Detachable sleeves are genius!

  12. emma; a challenge to amoebaJuly 17, 2012 at 5:23 PM

    Shit I'm so unobservant I never noticed the sleeve lengths change in your posts before! Have you worn it with pixie hair yet? I understand your adjustment period you write about in another post - I have 'napalm orange' hair now, almost as short as yours and like your friend with the bangs, it was totally a good move but one second guesses the initial motivation tp change when the shock comes along. Give it a few days to get used to it alright! Also, how well do you speak Japanese? Any other languages? Emma.

  13. @emma, I have worn it with my pixie but I didn't take pictures that day.
    I spoke good Japanese while I was in Japan--I could have a conversation with a stranger and understand everything but I wasn't close to being fluent myself. Since I haven't practiced since then my Japanese is awful. I took German in high school for many years and spent a summer there in high school, so I have a decent German comprehension still. I took Greek while in Greece, but I flopped at that rather spectacularly b/c I kept saying japanese in class instead of Greek...


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