The Adjustment Period

I have this theory about life and whatnot semi-titled "the adjustment period." The idea is that whenever you go through a big change in some fashion, you might initially think you dislike it but sometimes what you need is time to adjust. It can relate to all sorts of things--a new town you've just moved to, that weird food your friend made you try, the unique writing style of a new author, etc. I often relate it to aesthetics.

One of my friends decided to try out bangs once...she cut them and about five hours after making the decision she decided they didn't suit her and pinned them back until they grew out. I felt they did suit her--she definitely had the right to change her mind, but I always wondered if she just wasn't used to seeing her face with bangs and they would have grown on her in a few days (pun not intended). I often feel that way when I get a new cut; this last super-short crop especially has been throwing me for a loop. It's strange seeing my whole face so exposed and when I started taking pictures with the new 'do I felt I had to hold my face and head at a very precise angle to the camera or I'd look odd. That feeling stuck with me for almost a week, but then one day as I was going through the photos I had just taken--I looked like myself again...and my hair hasn't really grown out. My thought: the adjustment period was over.
This obviously isn't the solution to everything in life and sometimes that dark ale your friend convinced you to sip is just gross and no amount of drinking will change your taste buds. But every so often when I find myself writing things off, or getting frustrated with a change I try to pause and consider if I just need to give myself some time to adjust.

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Zara purse



  1. I know just what you mean. :)
    Gorgeous pics, the short crop really suits you!

  2. I love how your whole attire, and accessories blend in with the background scenery. Cute hair too*

  3. That dress is gorgeous!

    Love the location and the photos.

  4. What a pretty dress!! And i totally get what your saying :)
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  5. I'm a new follow-so I can't tell you if your hair looked cuter BEFORE. I personally wouldn't go that short, but you look adorable with that hair cut!
    I really like your dress too! I'm so jealous of your background! LOVE the stone steps! :)
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  6. You look like you are going to a woodland birthday party, I love it.
    Also, I just need to say, I love how you always seem to find a great balance about things of substance while also talking about fashion. I am not saying fashion cannot be of substance either, but I actually come to your blog on equal parts to read what you wrote and to see your images. Lately, I have been feeling like I seem too superficial if I just talk about what I am wearing, but come up blank when trying to find something I want to share!
    Anyway, happy Monday, a fresh start to a new week!
    xo Hannah

  7. I really love your blog and all the pictures you've made and will make. You have a very interesting view on life, that inspires me every time i read through.

  8. I know exactly what you're talking about. Every year back when I move back to college I'm convinced I'm going to hate it with a passion and I always fall back in love with that place. Change is good <3

    Xoxo Sarah

  9. I know you've had a short style for a while, but every time I see that cute pixie cut I am tempted to cut my hair off too - it looks so lovely!

  10. This is such an excellent post. I completely agree with your theory, especially regarding food - specifically savoring the food for what it really is. And I just love your dress! It's the perfect color and shape, really lovely.

  11. Both your outfit and hair look very chic.

    What gets me are those changes where everyone at your workplace seems to go psychotic at once and decides to start ignoring reality and hoping you'll make money just with hope. But I digress...

  12. all of your shots are always so stunning <3 I love this outfit! The dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you


  13. Your hair is amazing and completely suits you this short, it's refreshing to see.
    Love the dress.

  14. Really cute!!

    check out my style/beauty blog:)

    The Bella Bordeaux

  15. I felt the same way when I dyed my hair pink. I thought I had to excessively style it everyday of else it would look terrible! But once I got used to a bubblegum hued frame around my face I fell even more in love with it then I already was.

    PS Your haircut gives me serious hair envy. I wish I was brave enough to go short :/

  16. I really like the ultra-short hair on you! I agree with your theory though, especially when it comes to moving to new places... I always get "New Country Syndrome," whenever I make a move, and feel like a square peg in a round hole.. it takes a few weeks usually.

  17. Your dress and the location are just delightful.

    I know what you mean about the adjustment period. I've never liked a haircut coming out of a salon but in a few days love it. Lots of things- especially moving, I think, feel like it.

  18. Beautifully put, and great advice. I've definitely found that to be true in my own life. And usually, everything works out to be just fine. :)

  19. OMG! I'm in love with your purse and your sandals! and that dress fits you so well. very pretty :)

  20. That's such a good attitude to have. I'll try to think of things in that way more often.

    (And your short hair totally suits you!)

  21. I really love your hair this short. You look lovely.

  22. That's a good observation...and I think your hair is adorable. Suites you very well.

  23. I've never considered it before, but what you're saying does make sense. I'm very much a person who can't take change very well, even when I'm the one who planned it, but all those things that used to bother me don't bother me at all now, and I never realised that I had simply gotten used to them. Wonderful insight. :)


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