The Adjustment Period

I have this theory about life and whatnot semi-titled "the adjustment period." The idea is that whenever you go through a big change in some fashion, you might initially think you dislike it but sometimes what you need is time to adjust. It can relate to all sorts of things--a new town you've just moved to, that weird food your friend made you try, the unique writing style of a new author, etc. I often relate it to aesthetics.

One of my friends decided to try out bangs once...she cut them and about five hours after making the decision she decided they didn't suit her and pinned them back until they grew out. I felt they did suit her--she definitely had the right to change her mind, but I always wondered if she just wasn't used to seeing her face with bangs and they would have grown on her in a few days (pun not intended). I often feel that way when I get a new cut; this last super-short crop especially has been throwing me for a loop. It's strange seeing my whole face so exposed and when I started taking pictures with the new 'do I felt I had to hold my face and head at a very precise angle to the camera or I'd look odd. That feeling stuck with me for almost a week, but then one day as I was going through the photos I had just taken--I looked like myself again...and my hair hasn't really grown out. My thought: the adjustment period was over.
This obviously isn't the solution to everything in life and sometimes that dark ale your friend convinced you to sip is just gross and no amount of drinking will change your taste buds. But every so often when I find myself writing things off, or getting frustrated with a change I try to pause and consider if I just need to give myself some time to adjust.

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