Water Under The Bridge

This bridge lies near a couple of walking/running trails and as I was setting up my camera to take pictures a jogger came by and quipped "I didn't know this was a formal bridge, or I would have worn my slacks!" I just smiled and laughed as he passed by, but I was a bit surprised since I didn't consider this outfit very formal. I mean, yes my skirt is gold and glittery, but if I was attending a formal event I would have worn something less wrinkled and more fancy footwear. Of course, formal events for me are few and far between--as are dinners out, parties that don't involve a friend's backyard, and really any legitimate excuse to dress up. Yet, I'm attracted to these sparkly clothes and pretty dresses and really enjoy pulled-together outfits that make me feel more pulled-together. Why should I waste a good outfit or pretty dress by letting it hang in my closet waiting for some mythic occasion that never arrives? Each morning I just try to dress in a way that makes me feel good and while I'll try to wear comfortable shoes if I'm going to walk a lot, the places I have to go only have a minimal impact on my sartorial choices. So, I suppose for now I'll continue being the most "formal" person wandering around in the woods.

Outfit details:


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